Electroswing Remix Contest – and the winner is…

In august 2012 we organized together with Klub Shwing (Vienna) and Cirque De La Nuit (Salzburg) our first remixcontest for two tracks made by Cab Canavaral.
One month later we got back 13 remixes for “I Dance Charleston” and 15 for “Why Don’t You Do Right” – we were overwhelmed by the creativity and quality of the remixes! Thanks to all artist who took part and spent their time, energy and creativity to create their remixes.

The Voting:
We choosed to make a combination to appoint the winning tracks. First there was the public voting on soundcloud: All entries were listed and we counted the plays, comments, facebook likes, favoritings to get the two winning tracks of the public voting. The winners of the public voting are:

Vassili Gemini’s I Dance Charleston


S-Kreama vs. Der Herfen Remix of Why Don’t You Do Right


here the details:

These two remixes will be published soon on Billybong Records!

Remix plays favoritings comments fb likes tweets g+ total
I Dance Charleston:
vassili gemini 616 18 19 33 1 0 687
Discotizer 614 9 6 5 8 0 642
Federic Caihooligan 473 6 9 74 0 0 562
Why Don’t You Do Right?
S Kreama 553 36 26 193 16 4 985
Pomoxis 506 0 1 41 0 1 549
Tez Cadey 410 6 0 18 2 0 436

The Votes of the Jury

The public voting was one part to choose a winner – The second part is our international jury. We are very proud and happy that some of the leading heads of the eltroswing scene took part and voted and reviewed all entries!
The results will be published a.s.a.p!


2 responses to “Electroswing Remix Contest – and the winner is…

    • Hi!
      of course we know that it’s possible to buy facebook likes and soundcloud listens – it’s sad but true! But we don’t think that was the case here: both remixes were also favorited by our jury. both remixes are HQ! therefore we don’t believe that the result is based on bought play or fb-likes.

      PS: Would have been better to post this complaint with your right idendity and not anonymously…

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