Cab Canavaral on Buona Sera Signorina

on 3rd March The compilation “Buona Sera Signorina” was released by Green Queen Music.

Buonasera Signorina is the latest compilation release from Green Queen Music; Compiled and mixed by Feel Good Productions founder, international DJ and producer Pony Montana; it is a foot-tapping collection of eighteen club style, electro-swinging vintage-sound remixes and original tracks. It also contains a number of tracks created exclusively for the compilation such as Dr Cat’s remix of ‘Me and Mr Wolf’ as well as the title track ‘Buonasera Signorina’ by Pony Montana feat. The Swingrowers, amongst others … it’s electro-swing Jim but not as you know it!

We are happy and proud that “Ich bring Dich um die Ecke”  a remix by Cab Canavaral is part of this album!
you can get it on: