Swing Affair by Kiss me Yesterday is out now!!!!

Kiss Me YesterdayOn June 14th our next release will be in the stores like iTunes, beatport, junodownload.
We are proud and happy to release the debut of the Vienna based group KISS ME YESTERDAY called “Swing Affair”.
Here’s a short description:

Once upon a time DJ and electronic artist Paul bumped into two female jazz players. Since that day the stone for KISS ME YESTERDAY was laid and their story is blossoming and evolving.

Paul, with his fancy creative base, plays the funky beats with attention to fine details. Together with Hela’s soft and incisive voice and the lively, virtuoso play with Lisa on her soprano and alto saxophone, the electro swing band created their own, individual sound. Kiss Me Yesterday, who only play live in concerts perform boasting sets with pumping beats alongside swingingly samples, romantic grooves and sweet breaks. Their self-produced tracks leave room for improvisation and allow the audience space to be abso-swingingly free.

Kiss Me Yesterday’s first EP “Swing Affair” perfectly shows their versatile styles and colours. Inspired by both swing and electronic masters, Paul, Hela and Lisa combine their individual stories and music styles into one unique sound experience. Kiss Me Yestereday represents the fusion of a deep love for old skool styles integrated with the moves of the present. Time to shake and swing, honeys!

Here you can get it:




and many more download shops world wide!



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