Swing it!!! Finest Electro Swing out now on bandcamp

Finally the Compilation was released on 11.10.2013 exclusivly on bandcamp.com. All other stores will follow on 11.11.13!
The feedback is very positive and we are proud of our new baby!

electro-swing.com wrote this review:

Here it is: The first straight Electro Swing – compilation from Austria, selected by two of Vienna´s finest Electro Swing DJs Cab Canavaral and Tony Maroni, known for their Live-DJ-project: The Swing Towers. Tony, a shown expert for great mixing techniques and superfast mash-up gigs and Cab, is not only decorated for his sax-hits-the-dancefloor-gigs, but is also part of Austria´s No.1 authentic swing band “5 in love” and label boss of Billybong records. Together, the two ElectroSwing-enthusiastics also managed to collect Electro Swing tunes from all over the world.

Surprisingly most of the songs on “Swing It!” are based on clear and proper House and Techno Beats. Compared with other compilations like Bart and Baker´s Electro Swing I-V or the consistent vocals-based on the Electro Swing Revolution-series the selection is quite a straight mingle-mangle of known and soon-to-be-famous Swing House representatives and based on around 125 bpm-producing artists. Only at the beginning will you find marked SwingHop such as Dunkelbunt´s “Augen zu und durch”, one of the first SwingHop tracks in German, the NeoSwing version of Bart & Baker´s magnificent “Big Band” or bassy-swinging tunes by the highly skilled Jenova Collective from the UK. The rest of the 26 songs which makes up the sampler are almost exclusively an entire 4-to-the-floor-bash.
For Cab Canavaral this was not necessarily a conscious step: ”It was not planned to have so many housy tracks on the compilation, but it definitely reflects the sound of our “Swing It!”-Events in Vienna.”

Nevertheless the choise is very diverse. Some of the contributions are characterised by vocals in classic verse-refrains structures, some of them are instrumental, while other artists experimented with dub-based or bassy elements. The selection is very consistent and seems well-grounded, but was mainly the artist´s choice, according to Cab: ”Many of the producers, with whom we stood in close contact with, decided themselves, what tracks they wanted to make available. We were surprised that almost every artist we requested for a track agreed to be a part of the project.”

Next to hits of best known genre-giants like Jamie Berry, Skeewiff or Bart & Baker, you will discover many undiscovered gems in the Electro Swing community like the highly active Andrea Fissore with his impelling “My summer vacation”. Noteworthy are the contributions of donJohnston, Natanael Megersa or Incontrol, in addition to the many other high-quality productions.

Fortunately and thanks to the mastering skills of Yossi and Ron, both part of the Israelian project “Segment”, which also appears on the album, most of the productions on the compilation are flawless and on a high technical level.

There will most definitely be a second edition next year, hopefully with even more artists from the flourishing Austrian Electro Swing Community.


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